031Marc Fajardo was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He graduated from Glendale High School and continued his education at the University of California, Santa Cruz where he double majored in Film and Community Studies. During his time at UC Santa Cruz, he choreographed and danced with, Haluan hip hop dance team. His aspirations in becoming a film director veered as his curiosity into acting dominated upon returning back home to L.A., which led him to study at various studios such as The Berg Studios, The Clown School, Groundlings, and John Rosenfeld to name a few.

Marc always wanted to be a performer since he was a kid, and is not afraid to make a fool of himself just to get a smile. A big part of his inspiration came from his family. At a young age he was always the center of attention. His aunts and uncles would pay him a dollar to sing “The Unchained Melody,” the theme song from the film ‘Ghost’, and “If I were a Rich Man”, from the play “Fiddler on the Roof” where he watched his sister perform in high school.

Another big part of his inspiration came from his skills in dancing. As a hip hop/b-boy performer, he felt that he could amaze people with his flexibility and movements. As a coordinator/choreographer, he has competed in the bay area with his hip hop dance team, Haluan and have placed first at the Battlefest Hip Hop Dance Competition.

He wanted to evolve even more as a performer. Having studied film and working behind the camera for so long throughout his college years, he thought it was time to be in the forefront. His curiosity in acting grew even more after having been a part of a multi-cultural theater group, Rainbow Theater during his last year at UC Santa Cruz.

His screen career grew after having booked his first national commercial for Carl’s Jr. as the sad Robot. While working in film, T.V., and commercials, he enjoys shooting and directing his own independent projects.

During his free time he trains in House, Hip Hop, and gymnastics.